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What to focus on while Performing Root Canal Treatment

  • Preserve original canal anatomy
  • Work with less stress for the dentist and eliminate fear of file separation
  • Avoiding iatrogenic damage such as perforations and ledges
  • Cleaning irregular shapes from debris
  • Disinfection of the apical third without creating cracks
  • Removing the biofilm from the root canal
  • Minimize the formation of dentin chips which can get packed against the canal walls and into the canal irregularities
  • Avoiding over-large access openings ,and unnecessary straight-line access and weakness the canal wall
  • Treating patients with limited ability to open their mouth
  • Maintain tactile feedback

And yet, while RCT is generally a successful procedure, today patients are living longer and need functioning teeth to maintain their quality of life for a longer period of time than previous generations. While many significant advancements have been made in metallurgy and file design, today’s rotary files don’t adequately conform to irregular shaped canal anatomy, leaving 35% or more of the canal’s surface area unchanged thus leaving bacteria behind.

The Solution, from MedicNRG is designed to better conform to the natural tooth structure and provide the ability to irrigate all the way to the apex

This solution, the Tornado Disinfected kit, is proven By Science.

Its is The Ultimate Solution For Root Canal Treatment For Every Dentist.