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Rosen Screw

No More Loose Screws!, No More Ti-Base!

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Discover the Superiority of Rosen Screws: Revolutionizing Dental Prosthesis

Rosen Screws stand at the forefront of dental technology, eliminating the need for Ti-Bases thanks to their innovative head geometry. This design choice not only sidesteps the risk of de-bonding and loosening associated with Ti-Bases but also ensures a more stable and secure connection to the prosthesis.

Designed for simplicity and reliability, Rosen Screws integrate seamlessly with digital libraries, enabling a direct and robust connection to the MUA. This ensures a truly screw-retained prosthesis, enhancing both the durability and reliability of dental restorations.

Uniquely, Rosen Screws can be tightened by hand, thanks to their distinctive head geometry that locks securely into the screw channel. This feature not only prevents loosening but also allows for manual torque up to 20N using a variety of materials including Resin, PMMA, Graphite, and Zirkonia. This ease of use significantly simplifies the installation process, making it more accessible and efficient.

Furthermore, Rosen Screws are a cost-effective solution in the realm of dental restorations. Their competitive pricing, when compared to conventional screws in the market, makes them an economical choice without compromising on quality or performance.

Embrace the next generation of dental screw technology with Rosen Screws, where innovation meets affordability to provide a solution that is simple, reliable, and efficient.