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About Bhi Implants Ltd.

Affordable. Accessible. Simple

We believe implantology must be a discipline Accessible for all dentist.

Products must be Affordable; purchase must be Simple; delivery must be Quick. Knowledge must be reachable; training should be easy; questions should be answered google wise.

That is why Bhi is changing the rules.

With same quality as premium brands we sell Directly from our manufacture plant.

Our products easy to use featuring simplified protocols, compatible products with most of well-known brand.

Our service is unbeatable. You get Lifetime Warranty  on Bhi products, easily manage your stock, we are always available to save your time and help you focus on your real business.

Available online, even on video chat, get support anytime from our team.  At Bhi, even if you buy one product per year, you will always get VIP services.

So, no reason to waste your time and your money on brand that don’t consider you as a Tier-One Customer. Join the Bhi rule changer and break the mold!

Bhi, as well as MDT Micro Diamond Technologies Ltd. (One of the world's largest manufacturer's of dental rotary instruments), is part of the Schneider Group and located at Industrial Park North in Afula, Israel.

As a regulated manufacturing facility, Bhi is fully in compliance with ISO 13485. Our facility is inspected regularly to ensure we are in compliance with the requirements set forth by ISO 13485 & CFR 820(QMS) Standards, as all our dental implants received the FDA 510(k) clearance, No. K103280.

At Bhi we connect directly to our customer. You can reach your customer excellence team anytime, and if you want to share experience or ideas with our CEO, he will be delighted to chat with you!

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Bhi is fully in compliance with ISO 13485.

All of Bhi Dental implants received the FDA 510(K) Clearance