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Elevating Excellence: Advanced Surface Enhancement



Unveiling the Transformation: Advanced Surface Treatment

At Bhi Implants, we're pioneering a new standard in implant excellence through our Advanced Surface Treatment approach. This intricate process, encompassing Sandblasting, Acid Etching, and rigorous cleaning, revolutionizes the implant landscape. By engineering precise macro, micro, and nano surface structures, we're forging a path to unparalleled Bone to Implant Contact (BIC), hastening the journey to Osseointegration and swift restoration.

Guided by Precision: Research-Driven Surface Treatment

Our odyssey towards impeccable implant surfaces is propelled by relentless research. The steps of our Advanced Surface Treatment are a symphony of ingenuity, meticulously refining surface roughness and achieving unmatched purity levels. A strategic boost to Bone to Implant Contact (BIC) expedites healing and tissue growth, minimizing post-surgery infection risks.

Balancing the Equation: Optimal Surface Roughness

The heart of our success lies in calibrated implant surface roughness. Crafted from grade 23 Titanium Alloy Ti 6AI-4V ELI, our implants proudly bear an SLA surface, a fusion of sandblasting and acid etching. This proprietary process defines the iconic Bhi Implants surface, setting us apart in both effectiveness and innovation.

Validating Precision: Advanced Surface Analysis

Rigorous validation is etched into our DNA. The intricacies of macro and micro structures are scrutinized to perfection, ensuring impeccable surface roughness and morphology. Using cutting-edge tools like SEM/EDS/XPS Surface Analysis, we leave no stone unturned. Our surface assessments confirm zero processing residues, cementing the purity and integrity of every Bhi implant.

Benchmarked Excellence: Third-Party Validations

Our commitment to transparency resonates in every test. Certified third-party entities meticulously evaluate our laboratory tests against global leaders. This stringent benchmarking ensures that Bhi Implants offer a debris-free surface, synonymous with optimal Osseointegration and industry-leading implant surface purity.

Witness Transformation: Bhi Implants' Advanced Surface Enhancement Experience the art and science of transformation with Bhi Implants' Advanced Surface Enhancement.
Elevate Excellence: Choose Bhi Implants—Where Precision Meets Performance