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Dental Implants FAQ

Does Bhi Implants have the FDA clearance?

Yes! All of our dental implants received the FDA 510(k) clearance, Bhi FDA 510(k) No. K103280.

What kind of Surface Treatment do Bhi implants treated with?

Bhi implants surface treatment combines sand-blasting and acid-etching (SLA) enhancing osseointegration by increasing the surface area.

Can i use Bhi implant with prosthetic parts from another implant system?

Yes! Bhi Implants have a standard internal hex connection. Therefore, you can use our implants with prosthetic line of products from many other implant system in the market, such as: Zimmer® (3.5mm platform) MIS® A.B. Dental® Alpha-Bio Tec® Adin® BioHorizons® Implant Direct®

Can I use my current surgical kit instead of buying yours?

Yes! As you know, It's always better to have the original company surgical kit. Nevertheless, if you have been working with a similar compatible implant company before, your previous surgical kit should be fine.