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Dental Implants Product FAQ

+ Does Bhi Implants have the FDA clearance?

+ What kind of Surface Treatment do Bhi implants treated with?
Bhi implants surface treatment combines sand-blasting and acid-etching (SLA) enhancing osseointegration by increasing the surface area.

+ Can i use Bhi implant with prosthetic parts from another implant system?
Yes! Bhi Implants have a standard internal hex connection. Therefore, you can use our implants with prosthetic line of products from many other implant system in the market, such as: Zimmer® (3.5mm platform) MIS® A.B. Dental® Alpha-Bio Tec® Adin® BioHorizons® Implant Direct®

+ Can I use my current surgical kit instead of buying yours?
Yes! As you know, It's always better to have the original company surgical kit. Nevertheless, if you have been working with a similar compatible implant company before, your previous surgical kit should be fine.

+ What is the best cost effective way to buy with Bhi Implants?
  • Great Question !
  • By ordering at least 30 units, and a total order of minimum $299 US you will Gain 30% Discount on all of your order items and you will be entitled for Free shipping as well

  • + Which type of Titanium Bhi Implants are made of?
    All of Bhi Implants and parts are made of Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI (Grade 23).

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