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FAQ Tornado Disinfection kit

    • Why should I use Gentlefile?
      Great Question! In short, According to clinical studies, Ni-Ti rotary files leave over 35% of canal walls untouched.

      The Gentlefile achieves 95 to 100% disinfection and debris removal from all canal regions before filling.

    • Does Gentlefile achieve effective irrigation for small taper and size?
      Yes! Gentlefile overcomes this limitation by its high rotating speed at 6,500 rpm, which can strongly stirs up irrigant to achieve effective irrigation

    • Does Gentlefile reduce root fractures?
      Yes! Proven in Clinical studies, Gentlefile system applied significantly less vertical force to the canal in comparison with conventional Ni-Ti rotary files. Low torque and shape by abrasion are two factors for low vertical force
      According to studies, root fractures of endodontically treated teeth were by far the most frequent reason for tooth extraction. Oversized root canal therapy and pressure transmission to canal walls during instrumentation are among the main causes of root fractures. The Taper of Gentlefile is in the range of 3% to 4% and the tip size is 0.23 mm up to 0.26 mm. This minimal invasive Gentlefile avoids over-sized prepared root canals. Minimal invasive dentistry has been the focus for contemporary dentistry. 

    • What is the advantage of the flexibility of a rotary file?
      Most canals are curved, especially the apical areas.  A stiff file can cause procedure errors such as transportation, ledging, perforation, etc. 

      The ultra flexibility of Gentlefile can minimize procedural errors.

    • Why does it need to apply Gentlefile Red before GF Finisher Brush for final cleaning and disinfecting canals instrumented by NiTi rotary files?
      It is known that canals instrumented by NiTi rotary files leave over 35% of canals untouched. Gentlefile Red is first used to circumferentially shape the untouched parts of the canals. Gentlefile Red has abrading surface and stiffer that provides additional cleaning to the canal walls. The GF Finisher Brush is not for shaping but for effective final cleaning and disinfecting canals.

    • Is the Tornado kit effective for C-Shape canals?
      Yes! According to study, 66% of the C-shape canals was unaffected by NiTi rotary files.  Tornado Kit can treat C-Shape canals effectively.  Gentlefile Red can maximize contact with the canal walls for shaping, and GF Finisher Brush can achieve effectively irrigation.

    • Does Gentlefile require straightline access like NiTi rotary?
      No, Gentlefile does not require straightline access.

    • Does Gentlefile require establishing glide path before its application?
      Absolutely, yes! Gentlefile is non-cutting. Glide Path must be established before the use of Gentlefile. Glide Path must be created up to size #15 K-File.

    • Is Gentlefile easy to learn?
      Yes. The learning curve of Gentlefile is much shorter compared to that of NiTi rotary files. Gentlefile has tactile sensation and no screw-in effect. Dentists usually perform endodontic treatments with Gentlefile after following our instruction and practice on 6 to 8 extracted teeth. 

    • What filling technique should be used?
      Dentists don't need to change their accustomed filling technique.  Any technique will do for Gentlefile – lateral condensation, vertical condensation, carrier-based obturator…For master cone technique, dentists can choose 25, 2% or 4% taper

    • I still have question. Is there a way i can reach your customer service for technical advisory?

      Yes!  For any specific question, please contact info@bh-Implants.com and we will assist you.