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Multi Unit Product FAQ

Multi-Unit FAQ
+ Can I restore the Bhi Multi unit abutments on another implant system?
Yes. Bhi I Multi unit abutments are compatible with standard internal hex connection. Therefore, you can use our prosthetic line of products with many other implant systems in the market, such as: Zimmer® MIS® A.B. Dental® Alpha-Bio Tec® Adin® BioHorizons® Implant Direct®. Our restorative screws will not fit conical internal hex connection as Nobel Biocare™, Neodent®,etc..

+ Does Bhi Ti base for multi unit fit other MUA's brands on the market?
Yes. Bhi ti base for multi unit has a 1.4 mm which fits other MUA's on the market, such as: Nobel Biocare™, Neodent®, Hiossen®, etc.

+ Do I need a special driver to place the straight MUA?
Yes. For placing Bhi's straight MUA you need to order: Multi Unit Straight Driver for Internal Hex Dental Implant.

+ Do I need special drivers for the prosthetic screws?
No. All of our prosthetic screws are 1.25 mm, meaning you can use only one size of a driver which will fit them all. You probably have these drivers already from your current supplier. You can see our different drivers in the following link (Hand drivers, Motor drivers and Ratchet hex drivers).

+ What is the recommend torque I should place the screws for MU Ti base?
Excellent question. The recommendation is for 15 Ncm. But you can go up to 20 Ncm.

+ Which type of Titanium Bhi Prosthetic are made of?
All of Bhi Prosthetic parts are made of Titanium Ti-6AL-4V-ELI (Grade 23).

+ Does Bhi products have the FDA clearance?
Yes! All of our Implants and prosthetic received the FDA 510(k) clearance, No. K103280
As a regulated manufacturing facility, Bhi is fully in compliance with ISO 13485:2016. Our facility is inspected regularly to ensure we are in compliance with the requirements set forth by ISO 13485 & CFR 820(QMS) Standards

+ In my office I work in a digital workflow. Do you support digital workflow as well?
Yes. We have digital files for both 3Shape and Exocad, as you can see in the following link
We have all that you need for both implant level and MU level, such as: digital analogs, scan posts and Ti bases, as you can see in our CAD CAM components collection.

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