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Finally: Top Quality Dental Implant Components for 'Generic Drug Pricing'

The math never lies. Dentists frequently tell us that their dental office may be doing just fine, but each month, when they crunch the numbers, they often get the same stressful bottom line: they work too much and make too little.

It's frustrating. Dentists seem to fund everything: the rent, the receptionist and assistants' salaries, the overpriced dental components and equipment, you name it. The ever-growing monthly expenses are always financially stressful.

Furthermore, dentists are professionally tested every single day, with every new patient. So they take every measure to ensure the success of each treatment and surgery. They must be careful with screening and planning each case, and absolutely sure in their workflow, components and equipment.

It can be very stressful.

So, when they hear that BHI can ease that constant professional and financial stress, they ask us how. And we have a very good answer:

We Offer Stress-Free Generic Implant Solutions

It’s well known that the global drug market is divided into two. There are name-brand ethical drugs, patent-protected, sold at very high prices. On the other hand, some drugs are generic, with an identical formula, but at a fraction of the cost of the brand names. They are completely compatible, completely reliable, with a completely predictable outcome.

These generic drugs are mainly sold to hospitals, clinics, and professional medical services, whose considerations are unaffected by branding.

You probably already use as many generic formulas as possible in your dental office. It makes sense: there's no reason to pay more for expensive name-branddrugs if there's an alternative. For example, if you give Chlorhexidine to a patient, does it matter if it's called Betasept, Biopatch, Calgon Vesta, ChloraPrep One-Step, Dyna-Hex, Hibiclens, Hibistat Towelette, Scrub Care Exidine, Spectrum-4, or other commercial names?

Branding doesn't interest you. You're a professional. You know the generic drugs you buy for use in your dental office are identical to the name-brand ones. They just cost less, easing your financial stress.

This is exactly what we have been doing in the field of dental implants, since 2011:

CBD Öl, Hanfblatt und Hanfblüten auf eine Tisch

Leading The Implant Revolution

Since then, we’ve been manufacturing, under controlled lab conditions, generic components that are fully compatible with the expensive name-brand ones you're probably using today. Components that are compatible in terms of materials, design, and performance. The steel is the same steel, the titanium the same titanium, the composite materials are the same composites, and the external shape is identical.

Even experts can't tell the difference between the overpriced name-brand components and our matching ones. They are completely reliable, with a completely predictable outcome. Our surface treatment ensures a high level of osseointegration, ensuring that our components optimally integrate with the bone, providing reliable and stable support for the implant. The only difference is in the bill. Ours are available at a fraction of the price.

Our components are 100% compatible with the corresponding components of major companies like Zimmer®, MIS®, BioHorizons®, Implant Direct®, and more. 

The only real difference is this:

Name-Brand Pricing vs. Generic Pricing

How much should a Multi-Unit Ti Base really cost?

Of course, the development process of a complete implant system costs money. And of course, marketing costs a lot, as do exhibitions, continuing education and training, and commissions earned by salespeople selling these products.

We respect all these expenses, but once you know how to produce the component with perfect accuracy, the costs are only for materials and labor.

There's no reason you should pay $80 for a Multi-Unit Ti Base, when the actual cost is $12

Unless, of course, you want to personally fund the marketing and branding budgets, the exhibitions, the continuing education and training for dentists, not to mention the sales commissions for these implants.

But if you are a professional and experienced dentist who just wants the implant or abutment, the actual components themselves, you can save a huge amount of money and ease some of your financial stress.

Remember the math?

The average savings of a small dental office working with us is estimated at $50,000 a year. $50,000 saved with one single change. The decision seems obvious

Dentists that used to spend $20,000 a year on implant components, tell us they now spend just $5,000 a year with BHI. Dental offices that used to spend $200,000 a year have reduced that to $45,000 on average. And dental labs that used to spend $500,000 on these parts, have cut the cost to $120,000. The savings are immensely significant.

At first glance, the low price might cause hesitation, especially for experienced dentists for whom their reputation is extremely important. Are the components manufactured by shady, unknown, low-quality factories in the far east? Are they absolutely compatible with the expensive name-brand components?

The answer: If our products weren't fully compatible, both in shape and materials, we wouldn't be here today. That's the reason for our existence. All our products are made in Israel, meeting the highest standards of high-tech and advanced medical equipment. They’ve had FDA clearance since 2011, consistently meeting the stringent standards of the FDA each year

Since the start of our operations in 2011, an increasing number of experienced and renowned dentists, as well as dental technicians who provide services to thousands of dentists, have been adopting our solutions and recommending them to their colleagues. This growing trend is why more and more experienced dentists have started ordering from us.

You will never have to settle on less than the highest quality.

Our components undergo four tests, on a daily basis:

1. Making sure they comply with all FDA regulations, just like the name-brand components. BHI is fully in compliance with ISO 13485. All our products have been cleared by the FDA since 2011, consistently meeting the stringent standards for this approval each year. Furthermore, all dental implants received the FDA 510(k) clearance, No. K103280, affirming their quality through rigorous external laboratory tests that ensure objective validation.

2. They pass our internal quality controls, which are more rigorous than those of the FDA. In addition to these rigorous internal checks, our products also undergo testing in external laboratories as part of our commitment to meet FDA regulations. This process ensures objective and unbiased validation of our products. Our facility is located in the heart of Israel's medical industrial zone, meeting the highest standards of high-tech and advanced medical equipment.

3. They undergo merciless testing by dental technicians who repeatedly check for complete compatibility, perfect integration, and the highest possible quality. We prove time and again: there's no difference between BHI components and name-brand ones.

4. Most importantly: they pass the real-life tests by dentists who actually use them and receive great feedback from their patients. In fact, BHI has a repeat customer rate of more than 95%. . BHI offers a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. With zero risk, more and more dentists discover and switch to BHI every day.

Never Worry about Buying Stock

We won't bind you with contracts that require large stock orders in order to receive discounts. We won’t force you to buy an inventory of components you don't immediately need and might be forced to resell to others.

Why should you? Just buy exactly what you need, when you need it, and get it within 48 hours with our local delivery. No fuss, no discount negotiations, no strings attached and no stress when months fly by, but your inventory does not. 

Take a tour now and see exactly what you can order and receive within two days, through our local delivery:





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Multi-Unit systems

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Digital Workflow

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Surgical Tools

Your peace of mind is our most important component.. That’s why we offer a complete warranty on any components you purchase. If for any reason you need to return or replace a BHI component, we’ll take care of it.

Dental Technicians Choose BHI: Precision, Quality, and Peace of Mind

Experienced and meticulous dental technicians are increasingly turning to BHI products for the very same reasons that appeal to dentists: complete compatibility with name-brand components, the highest quality standards, and a warranty that provides them with peace of mind. These professionals recognize the critical role that each component plays in the success of dental procedures.

By choosing BHI, they are ensuring that every Ti-Base, screw, and prosthetic meets their exact standards. The result is not only a perfect fit and outstanding performance but also an assurance that their work will stand the test of time, reflecting their commitment to excellence in dental care.

Here are some of our most experienced professionals' verified reviews:

The tremendous flexibility BHI's generic pricing allows, can help you reach a completely new audience and bring in many more patients. If you choose so, you can expand your patient base with people who simply couldn't afford the proper treatment before. Now you’ll have the option to offer the best dental treatment at a significant discount, without compromising your revenue or undervaluing your work.

And what's beautiful is, you don't compromise on anything. Not on the quality of your work, the final outcome, or your revenue. On the contrary: BHI provides you with the tools to maintain your high standards of professionalism without any compromises.

How Can We Help You?

We invite you to explore our online store and select the components you need:





multi unit.png__PID:fc32d425-d3b1-498f-96a3-c83412bc4e9b

Multi-Unit systems

cad cam (2).png__PID:32d425d3-b1e9-4f56-a3c8-3412bc4e9b5d

Digital Workflow

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Surgical Tools

Of course, we would also be delighted to get to know you better, so that we can provide precisely what your professional requirements demand. You can easily schedule a personal call with us by clicking here.