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Description PRODUCT ENQUIRY Screw removal Kit FAQ About BHI

Bottom line

  • A "Must have" for every dental office!
  • Fast Extraction of screw shaft.
  • Sold separately and as part of BHI – Screw removal kit.
  • Must be used with a guiding sleeve 3.75mm and a handle, to protect the implant and improve results.

Key Benefits

  • Easy, simple and quick extraction process
  • Suitable for standard internal hex connection 3.75mm
  • Maximum Implant protection

Main Features

The conical drill penetrates the broken screw while unscrewing it and removing it completely.

 Can be used for standard internal hex platforms for the following cases:

    • Single Crown
      • Total prosthesis
        • Regular/angular abutments
          • T-Base
            Packing List
                • 1 Conical Drill 3.75 mm

                  PRODUCT ENQUIRY

                  • Which problems does the kit solves?
                    The kit can be used to extract dental screws for the following scenarios:

                    • The screw head is damaged or stuck.

                    • The screw has been broken.

                  • Which type of cases does the kit applicable for?
                    The Kit can be used for extraction of screws for Single Crowns, Total prosthesis (Multi Unit cylinder/sleeve screws), Regular/angular abutments, T-Base etc..

                  • What type of dental implant platforms does the kit support?
                    The kit can be used for standard internal hexagon connection implants, for 3.75 mm and 3.3 mm connection sizes. 

                  • How do I know which tool to use for which procedure?
                    Please refer to the Kit's IFU, pages 3, 4 and 5 for full instructions of use.

                  • Is there any risk in damaging the implant during the extraction?
                    No! The implant is protected by the guiding sleeves in the Kit, which guide the tool through, directly to the screw, preventing any harm to the implant.

                  • Do you have any customer service for technical advisory?
                    Yes!  For any specific question, please contact [email protected] and we will assist you.

                  • Should I use irrigation during the extraction procedure?
                    Yes, irrigation is recommended to cool down the extraction process and remove residuals.

                  • Can I reuse the tools in the Kit?
                    Yes! The tools can be reused for several times.

                  • What RPM should I use the tools with?
                    800 RPM is the recommended revolutions. Please rotate all tools counterclockwise.

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                  Part of Schneider Group, MDT Micro Diamond Technologies Ltd. owner, one of the world's largest manufacturer of Gamma Radiated Sterile Diamonds, Bhi plant is based in Israel. All our products are designed, tested, controlled and produced on-site.

                  As a regulated manufacturing facility, Bhi is fully in compliance with ISO 13485. Our facility is inspected regularly to ensure we are in compliance with the requirements set forth by ISO 13485 & CFR 820(QMS) Standards, as all our dental implants received the FDA 510(k) clearance, No. K103280.

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